Monday, October 3, 2011

3 Octubre, 2011

It's interesting to observe the ways in which I feel I am experiencing globalization. Among countless other instances, I have seen many examples of cross-cultural marriage here that have taught me so much just by the small interactions I have with people here. This includes people from the US marrying people from Mexico, people from Mexico marrying people from the US, people from Kenya marrying people from Germany, living in Mexico, and more. It is really a beautiful thing. And it makes me laugh at myself because many of my insecurities here in the first few weeks have been trying to figure out how people from different countries view me. Surely, I am judged. Surely, I am foreign. Surely, I am measured. Surely, I am not able to speak all languages. But, when I watch people from all backgrounds embrace; when I hear stories of shared happiness; when I see a Kenyan buying German food in a Mexican grocery store (only made me miss German bakeries a little...), I absolutely laugh at my fears. Obviously, love exists across borders. Obviously, the fact that I literally see cross-cultural love and affection every day means I am not a foreigner of love. Maybe I'm just a person, like everybody else.

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